Aims & Scopes

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Objectives: To create a suitable platform for presenting new ideas in relation to the Economics of Knowledge_based Development and sustainable national and regional development through the publication of written works of experts and researchers; Transfer and exchange of new scientific experiences and achievements in relation to knowledge-based development economics, sustainable national and regional development; Creating a basis for futurism and futurism in relation to the knowledge-based development economy and sustainable national and regional development; Encourage and motivate research, production and promotion of knowledge on the following topics:
1- Learning economics;
2- Knowledge economics;
3- Information economics;
4- Cognitive economics;
5- Knowledge-based economy;
6- Economics of science and technology;
7- Economics of human capital;
8- The economy of creativity and innovation;
9- Knowledge-based entrepreneurial economics;
10- Economics of universities and higher education institutions;
11- The role of knowledge in economic growth and development;
12- The role of the university in the national, regional and local economy;
13- The role of the university in economic, social, cultural, political and environmental development at local, regional and national levels;
14- The role of the university in peace and stability;
15- Growth, development and evolution of the university;
16- The future of the university and the future university;
17- Strategies, policies and programs of Higher Education Day and Iranian universities
18- Issues and challenges of higher education and universities in Iran;
19- The relationship between university, industry, government, civil society and media;
20. Relationship between the university and development in developing countries and developed countries.

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